Physical Education

P.E. should inspire pupils to succeed and take part in competitive sports and other physically demanding activities.



Years 1 and 2

EYFS (Reception)/National Curriculum Objectives (Years 1 and 2)

·         Children show good control and coordination in large and small movements.  They move confidently in a range of ways, safely negotiating space.  They handle equipment and tools effectively, including pencils for writing.

·         Master basic movements including running, jumping, throwing and catching, as well as developing balance, agility and coordination, and begin to apply these in a range of activities.

·         Participate in team games, developing simple tactics for attacking and defending.

·         Perform dances using simple movement patterns

Cecil Gowing’s curriculum coverage


Dance and Gymnastics

·         To copy dance moves.

·         To perform some dance moves.

·         To move around the space safely.

·         To copy simple moves and repeat them.

·         To roll in different ways.

·         To travel in different ways.

·         To balance in different ways.

·         To stretch in different ways.

·         To curl in different ways.

·         To use outdoor play equipment.

·         To use challenge cards.

·         To use vocabulary related to the subject, e.g. travel, balance, copy, repeat, etc.

Ball skills/athletics

·         To roll a ball, chase and collect it.

·         Bounce, catch and throw individually.

·         Run in a straight line.

·         Coordinate legs and arms for a range of athletic movements

·         Use Jump Start Johnny as a stimulus.

·         To take part in Race for Life.

·         Learn vocabulary related to the subject, e.g. jump, roll, catch, throw, stop, bounce, hop, skip, etc.

Year 1

Dance and Gymnastics

·         To make up a short dance using at least 3 different manoeuvres.

·         Dance imaginatively.

·         To change rhythm, speed, level and direction.

·         To control their body when travelling.

·         To control their body when balancing.

·         To climb safely.

·         To copy a sequence of movements.

·         To use outdoor climbing equipment.

·         To use challenge cards.

·         To learn vocabulary related to the subject, e.g. pike, tuck, speed, etc.

Ball skills/athletics

·         To develop a range of throws both over and under arm.

·         Aim and strike a target with increasing accuracy and control.

·         Athletic movements with increasing coordination over a range of distances.

·         Learn simple rules and tactics for games.

·         To take part in Race for Life.

·         Learn and use vocabulary related to the subject, e.g. rebound, side steps, pivot, etc.

Year 2

Dance and Gymnastics

·         To dance with control and coordination independently and as part of a group.

·         To make a sequence by linking sections together.

·         To link some movement to show a mood or feeling.

·         To use contrast in sequences.

·         To show movements that are controlled.

·         To think of more than one way to create a sequence which follows a set of ‘rules’.

·         To take part in competitions out of school, e.g. gym and golf.

·         To learn vocabulary such as routine, link, flow, poise, etc.

Ball skills/athletics

·         Develop a range of throws over a variety of distance, direction.

·         To introduce the bounce pass.

·         To aim and strike a target with control and accuracy.

·         Athletic movements in a controlled coordinated measured distance.

·         Enhance tactics for attacking and defending games.

·         Attend cluster competitions against other schools.

·         To take part in Race for Life.

·         Learn and use vocabulary relate to the subject, e.g. aim, control, focus, direction, etc.

Well Being and Health

·         Understanding of the key elements to a healthy lifestyle.

·         Understanding of their body mechanics.

·         Food and hygiene.

·         Exercise and lifestyle.

·         Relaxation and well being.

Outdoor Learning Opportunities 

Activities such as…

Emergency services bike role play, climbing wall, habitats/maps, woodwork, treasure hunt, camp fire/cooking, gardening/maintenance, archery, woodland crowns, games in the woods, weather, art using natural materials, bug hunting and identification, mud kitchen potion making, bird feeders/watching, litter picking, pond dipping and den building.