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Teaching assistants make a strong contribution to the good quaility of teaching and learning. Standards are above average in reading, writing and mathematics because basic skills are taught well.

All pupils, including those with learning difficulties or disabilities, faster learners and those who speak English as an additional language, make good progress.

Pupils like coming to school. They feel safe and are well cared for. They enjoy lessons and eager to take part.The school fosters a good sense of wonder and curiosity by making lessons exciting so they capture pupil’s imagination and make learning fun.

Above all teachers and support staff are especially good at encouraging pupils’ confidence and self-esteem. As a result pupils are developing self-assurance in their ability to learn effectively.

The school gives a warm welcome to pupils from different backgrounds and with a wide range of learning difficulties and disabilities. Teachers and support staff are sensetive to the needs of all individuals and provide well for their specific needs.

Pupils are confident about taking any problems to their teachers and know that any incidents, such as bullying or racism, will be dealt with firmly.

A few quotes from our last Ofsted Inspection in May 2014

Comments from our latest Ofsted inspection

Our Ofsted Report May 2014

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