Our school values

Our school community, of adults and children (including their parents and carers), is one in which each member is valued for his or her unique contribution to the happiness and success of us all. We believe that it is important to understand the need to respect people’s cultures and customs and we do not tolerate any form of racist behaviour. In our community all the members are active learners and we expect them to achieve to the full extent of their ability.

We believe

children are active participants in their learning who:

  1. want to explore and learn about the world around them;
  2. enjoy being creative;
  3. are happy when they are encouraged to succeed and know that their best efforts are highly valued;
  4. need to feel part of a community;
  5. need to feel valued as individuals.

adults help children with happy successful learning when they:

  1. respect and value children as individuals;
  2. lead by example;
  3. work together as a team;
  4. nurture and guide children in a calm atmosphere;
  5. see themselves as learners too;
  6. expect children to succeed.